OAYO recently launched its new OAYO Box Office. This is an effective way to celebrate the work of the musicians and pay for the rehearsal and concert venues and music. Oayo does not have a fundraiser, and does not want to ask parents or musicians to sell magazines, cookie dough or other items. Instead we ask that each musician/family sell no less than 10 tickets to any OAYO Concert for the rest of the season. Upcoming concerts are in February, March, and May 2017! Please expand our audiences by selling tickets and spreading the word about OAYO ensembles and musicians. For more information, the OAYO Box Office can be accessed through this link.
How it Works
This past weekend at rehearsals, musicians received bags consisting of 10 Concert Cards and a Ticket Tracking Sheet. The Concert Card includes all OAYO Concerts for the rest of the season, and information on how to RSVP for a ticket. The Tracking Sheet is a way for each musician to keep track of who has bought a ticket and how many. If your musician did not receive a bag please email Jillian Wees at jillian.wees@oayo.org. Below are more instructions on how to sell tickets.

1. Think of 10 people who care about you and tell them about your instrument and music.

2. Invite them to buy tickets and come to your concerts to hear your music.

3. Hand them the Concert Card with the dates and tell them to use the card to buy their tickets.

4. Write their name/contact information on the tracking sheet.

If purchasers do not have access to a computer, they can call the OAYO Office at 402-238-2044 for more information. If someone does not want to attend a concert, ask for a donation instead. Donations are 100% tax deductible!