Accept Your Placement!


In order to proceed with OAYO, we need to know that you have read your acceptance email, you understand which group you have been placed in, and you are committed to rehearsing and performing the entire year with your ensemble.

We understand that kids love to participate in various types of activities, and we completely support their enthusiasm.  But we need them to understand that accepting placement is a commitment.  We understand that things come up and we plan for that with our policies.  We also want you to be aware of them!

We also understand that things can come up, minds can be changed. If you do not wish to continue with us, we do need to know that with a response to the placement form as well.


Please review the handbook, attendance policy, etc. on our Current Musicians page.  We hope you find this helpful.

If you have any further questions, please let us know by emailing or calling the office at 402-238-2044.