Dear Musicians and Parents,

Omaha Area Youth Orchestras would like to announce that registration is now open for the 2018-2019 Season!  It will be the 60th Anniversary season.

Auditions will take place the first two weeks in April.  Next season’s orchestra and chamber music programs will run from the end of August to May and musicians in these programs will present three concerts and have the opportunity for retreats and sectional coaching from professional musicians and educators!

Check out our 2018-2019 Audition Brochure!

To learn more about our season-long orchestra programs please view the documents on our website, please click on the AUDITIONS tab!

How Your Students  Can Sign up for an Audition:

1. Musicians (or their parents) need to complete the online audition application available here:

2. Musicians will need to complete all fields, select which orchestra(s) to audition for and select every day and time which they/you are available to audition.                                                   

3. Musicians will need to pay the $30 non-refundable audition fee online or send a check or cash to the OAYO office 1905 Harney Street, Suite 630, Omaha, NE 68102). If the musician registers late, the fee goes up to $40.

Timeline and Deadlines for Auditions:

Monday, March 19th:  Deadline to sign up for an audition – late applications will be accepted; however, the fee will increase to $40. Please contact the OAYO office (402-238-2044).

Monday, March 26th:  Emails will be sent out to musicians/families notifying them of their assigned audition time. If they register late, notification may be later.

Auditions:  April 7th – April 12thApril 14th, & April 15th. 
 Please see online registration to choose date, time and location.

Friday, May 18, 2018:  Scholarship Applications due date for tuition and private lessons received by the OAYO office or on-line through the OAYO website.  You must re-apply every year for a scholarship.  Contact the OAYO office regarding late applications.

June 1:  Notification of acceptance, orchestra ensemble placement, and scholarships.

What Musicians Need to Prepare For Their Audition:

See the audition brochure on the Auditions page for specifics on what to prepare as the requirements vary by orchestra.

1. All musicians will need to prepare a 2 to 3 minute solo that is polished and shows their technical and musical capabilities.  It does not need to be memorized.

2. All musicians will also need to prepare scales (the number and type varies by orchestra – please see the audition requirements link).

3. Musicians will be asked to sight read at auditions as well.

4. Musicians auditioning for Youth Philharmonic (YP) and/ or Youth Symphony (YS) will also need to prepare audition excerpts. There are two different excerpts for YP and YS. If the musician plans to audition for both YP and YS, they MUST prepare  BOTH  YP and YS excerpts (no exceptions).   Excerpts are found on the Auditions page

OAYO Offers Scholarships to Families in Need:

Scholarships are awarded as a percentage of the tuition (25%, 50% or 75%) and based on financial need.  The Federal Poverty guidelines are used to calculate the percentage of scholarship. For example:

·        Family of 5 with an income of $45,000 qualifies for a 75% tuition scholarship

·        Family of 3 with an income of $19,500 qualifies for a 75% tuition scholarship.

·        Family of 6 with an income of $90,000 qualifies for a 25% tuition scholarship.


Yes, if the musician receives a 75% tuition scholarship and will volunteer 3 extra times during the season, then the scholarship will cover the entire cost of the tuition.  Flexible volunteer options are available.


Yes, but the musician must fill out the private lesson scholarship application on the website or print the application and mail it to the OAYO office.  Private lesson scholarships based on financial need and instrumentation.

HOW DO MUSICIANS APPLY FOR SCHOLARSHIPS?  Musicians can go to the  Audition Page and fill out the Scholarship Applications for tuition and private lessons.  Fill out each application.  If printing the applications, please send to office.  Scholarship awards will be made before the season starts!

Thank you for supporting youth musicians and the Omaha Area Youth Orchestras. Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions!