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If you registered for an audition and were waiting for a confirmation, we thank you for your patience!  Your time is now scheduled and you can log in to your AuditionScheduler profile to find out what it is!


If any of the information is incorrect, or you absolutely cannot make your scheduled time, please contact Michelle Johnson at michelle.johnson@oayo.org to make the necessary corrections. This will give us the maximum amount of time to ensure that your audition runs smoothly. There are several options for rescheduling and we will need to discuss these with you.

Preparing for the Audition

A Guide to preparing for your Audition is found on our website at http://oayo.org/auditions/ You are welcome to call us with questions. If anything concerns you, let us know. We are here to help. Your school music teacher, a private teacher, Aviva and our music and administrative staff are each ready and willing to answer questions!

Audition Day:

Step 1. Double check the LOCATION SITE and TIME for your Audition.

Step 2. Double check that you bring:
ALL of your music:
The solo (even if you have it memorized)
The scales (if you plan on having your scales in front of you during the audition)
Your Excerpt(s) (if you are auditioning for either Youth Philharmonic or Youth Symphony)
A pencil
Your instrument

Step 3. Plan on arriving at least 30 minutes before your schedule Audition time. This allows you time to tune your instrument and to play through your scales, solo and excerpt. It also allows for travel time, traffic congestion of any other surprises that may occur on route to your audition.

When you arrive and check in, you will be able to warm-up. Private warm-up rooms are not available. Parents are welcome in the warm up rooms, but may not be in or near the Audition Rooms.

Thank you for all your hard work preparing for your audition.

P.S. OAYO does not have your log in information for your auditionscheduler profile. If you have trouble logging in, please call the office at 402-238-2044 and we can vocally confirm your audition time.

Rana Scarlett-Johnson
Executive Director

Aviva Segall
Music Director

Michelle Johnson
General Manager


Good news! We have extended our early registration deadline date!  If you haven’t gotten your registration in yet, you have until Tuesday, March 28th to sign up for $30.  After that date, the fee WILL go up to $40 and priority time slots will be given to those who registered before that date.

So get your audition registrations in today!

Auditions will take place April 15th, 17th, 18th, 20th, and 22nd.  The link to register for auditions is live and the audition excerpts you need to prepare are posted.

Visit the Auditions Page to view the audition brochure, the excerpts to prepare, requirements to fulfill for the audition, and to register for an audition time.  You can also find the scholarship application forms on that page.

Good luck as your prepare and we look forward to hearing your auditions in April!

Spring Concert

Sunday, March 5, 2017 | 6:30 PM

The Arts Center at Iowa Western Community College
2700 College Rd, Council Bluffs, IA 51503


Get your tickets here!

Join us for the last concert of the season for three of our groups.  They have been practicing hard for months to learn this music and are ready to perform for you.

This performance includes music from all around the world; Bernstein to Tchaikovsky and Disney to Sci-Fi. Come join us for a journey through the composers of today and yesterday.

Avoid a line at the door by purchasing your tickets online.  We strongly urge you to buy your tickets before the show, like you would any other concert or performance. We will only accept cash and check at the door.

As always, OAYO Musicians and Music Teachers/Educators get in free!

The Arts Center at Iowa Western provides an intricate and beautiful music space for our Spring Concert. The concert will feature OAYO’s Youth Concert Strings, Youth Conservatory, and Youth Philharmonic Orchestra.

Spring Concert

Come play with OAYO!

Come join us!
All the Alums with Dir. Aviva Segall at the January 2016 Alumni Reading

Our last Alumni Reading/Community Musician Reading for the year is coming up January 7th!

Would you like to join us? Follow this link to register.

It is so much fun to have former OAYO musicians and members of the musical community in the Omaha area join us for a rehearsal with our Youth Symphony.

Please help us start off the new year with a combined rehearsal of past and present OAYO musicians and local musicians.

Director Aviva Segall: I can’t wait to see as many alumni as possible at this event!  You’ll have a chance to see old friends, hear how Youth Symphony sounds this year and read through some wonderful repertoire: Tyler White’s Flyover Country, Dvorak’s The Noonday Witch, Schubert’s Unfinished Symphony No.8, and Arnold’s Scottish Dance No.1!

They had so much fun!
The Youth Symphony at their retreat in August

This is open to anyone who plays an instrument who is willing to come to the Strauss Performing Arts Center at the UNO campus on Sunday January 7th from 2:15-3:30. Come at 2:15 to get music and unpack/tune. We will start music back up at 2:30.

The music will be made available to you once you register.

OAYO recently launched its new OAYO Box Office. This is an effective way to celebrate the work of the musicians and pay for the rehearsal and concert venues and music. Oayo does not have a fundraiser, and does not want to ask parents or musicians to sell magazines, cookie dough or other items. Instead we ask that each musician/family sell no less than 10 tickets to any OAYO Concert for the rest of the season. Upcoming concerts are in February, March, and May 2017! Please expand our audiences by selling tickets and spreading the word about OAYO ensembles and musicians. For more information, the OAYO Box Office can be accessed through this link.
How it Works
This past weekend at rehearsals, musicians received bags consisting of 10 Concert Cards and a Ticket Tracking Sheet. The Concert Card includes all OAYO Concerts for the rest of the season, and information on how to RSVP for a ticket. The Tracking Sheet is a way for each musician to keep track of who has bought a ticket and how many. If your musician did not receive a bag please email Jillian Wees at jillian.wees@oayo.org. Below are more instructions on how to sell tickets.

1. Think of 10 people who care about you and tell them about your instrument and music.

2. Invite them to buy tickets and come to your concerts to hear your music.

3. Hand them the Concert Card with the dates and tell them to use the card to buy their tickets.

4. Write their name/contact information on the tracking sheet.

If purchasers do not have access to a computer, they can call the OAYO Office at 402-238-2044 for more information. If someone does not want to attend a concert, ask for a donation instead. Donations are 100% tax deductible!