UPDATED 9.12.17!  The dates for October in the brochure are incorrect. The correct dates are Saturdays – October 7, 14, 21, 28.   Registration continues to be open for participation in the 2017 Honors Orchestra program.  This is an 8 week program open to string, woodwind, brass and percussion musicians in grades 5 through 8.  Please click this link for the Honors Orchestra Online Registration Form.

Honors Brochure 2017

Honors Orchestra 2017 Teacher Recommendation Form

Throughout the 2017-2018 concert season, musicians may be highlighted in efforts to promote the Omaha Area Youth Orchestras (OAYO) activities and achievements. For example, musicians may be featured in grant applications and/or to increase a public awareness of OAYO through newspapers, radio, TV, social media platforms, CDs, videos, displays, brochures and other types of media.

In order to do this, we would like your permission.  If you would like examples of things we post and photos we share, check out our Facebook page or browse through some photos in our media gallery.


Please fill out this form to provide your consent.

If you wish to not be included we also need you to fill out the form to let us know what you do not wish to be shared.



The OAYO Membership Directory

The OAYO Directory will provide contact information for parents.  Find out who is in your area for carpooling and more!  This on-line resource will be limited to OAYO families.  

If you do not want to be identified in the Membership Directory, you must complete the Opt-Out form by August 4th.

Click this link to opt-out: Opting Out of the OAYO Membership Directory

Example of the Directory listing:

Ensemble / Chamber Music Ensemble:    Youth Concert Strings

Musician / Instrument:    Anne Armstrong, Violin

New or returning musician:  Returning

School or Home school:   Beveridge Middle School, OPS 

Parents:  Tom and Terry Armstrong

Address:  15878 Farnam Street, Omaha, NE

Contact Information for Parents:   (402) 123-4567; parent.email@domain.com

Contact for:  Carpooling


New for the 2017-18 Season

30 days to beginning of the rehearsal season!

Sunday, August 20th Rehearsals Begin!

Youth Symphony, Youth Philharmonic,

Youth Debut Orchestra, Youth Concert Strings

What is new for the Fall 2017 Season?

  • 3 Ensembles will rehearse at UNO-Strauss on Sundays!

Youth Symphony and Youth Philharmonic return to UNO and are joined by Youth Debut Orchestra.  Youth Concert Strings will still rehearse at Lewis & Clark on Monday evenings.

  • Youth Conservatory Orchestra has a NEW name and NEW rehearsal site.

Youth Conservatory” is now “Youth Debut” Orchestra and will rehearse at UNO-Strauss on Sundays.  No rehearsals will be held at Lewis and Clark Middle School on Sunday.

  • OAYO Webinars (on-line videos) and Trello Boards (on-line project management tool) will be available tools for volunteers and staff.  

We will have online tools and training on getting you the information you need!

We will provide contact information for parents to connect with one another for carpools and rehearsal communication!  Musicians want to hang out and meet up outside of rehearsal time? Reach out!*

*With permission of all parties. Consent/release form to follow.

  • Call to Action

Do you have a social media account? Do friends and family like interacting with your posts? Need to get away from all the drama and politics on Twitter and Facebook?  Let’s fill Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram with smiling faces and beautiful instruments.  Help us share what’s going on in our community with your community! We will be providing QR codes to link you directly to our pages and #hashtags that you can use to connect with us. Have a photo to share? Tag us with a hashtag! If we like your posts, we may even share them from our pages!

#oayo #OayoRetreat #OayoRehearsal

Are you ready for the season to start? We are anxious to get back to rehearsing magnificent music with wonderful musicians!