Tuition & Fees

OAYO Tuition

Based on an 8-month schedule (August–March)

Tuition for Large Ensembles

A non-refundable deposit (June) for $125 plus:

Youth Concert Strings:  8 monthly payments of $56.27
Youth Philharmonic: 8 monthly payments of $66.50
Youth Symphony:  8 monthly payments of $86.96
Tuition for Chamber Music Ensembles: Additional $35.81  a month

Discount for one-time payments: 5% discount applied if tuition is paid in full by August 31, 2018.  These figures include a processing fee for credit card transactions.

OAYO Volunteer Opt-Out Fee: $60

We ask all our parents to volunteer three times during the upcoming season. Parents who cannot or do not wish to volunteer can opt out by paying $60 (which is tax-deductible). We have a formal online volunteer signup process that opens annually on August 1st. There are many opportunities to help out by working at a rehearsal, selling tickets at a concert, working as an usher and much more! Once you sign up to volunteer we will remove the $60 fee from your account.